Job Experience

Staff Software Engineer at brightwheelFebruary 2017 - Present | San Francisco, CA + Remote

Started as 2nd backend engineer (10+ now). Nowadays, occasional product development; main focus is on strategic planning, scaling efforts, team efficiency, and hiring.

  • Owned application scaling efforts for high-growh 2021 business cycle; improved main Postgres database metrics by ~50%
  • Lead technical planning (and then implementation) efforts for a new business product line, working closely with business strategists, product managers, and engineers to plan for an ambiguously-framed project.
  • Rewrote main billing product, contributing to massive revenue growth and product
  • Revamped interview process; replaced live coding "puzzle" challenge with a much-fairer session where the candidate extends their own take-home exercise
  • Planned an implemented an new authorization system for internal tools, allowing business to securely leverage external contractors during busy seasons
  • Lead a multitude of process and tooling improvements: feature flags, continuous integration, project documentation process, product development process
  • Primary technologies: Ruby (Rails), Postgres, Redis, Kubernetes, CircleCI, smattering of AWS
  • Other technologies: Redshift, Airflow, React, Next.js

"Founder" of The Scott Hardy LLCMay 2013 - February 2017

Working full-time on personal projects, open source software, small business ventures, and more.

  • Personal projects: post, a mobile webapp that directly calls the Lob.com API to mail postcards for under $1 (source)
  • Open source: npm-install-version, a module that installs/requires multiple versions of the same package
  • Small business: yarn add shirts, a website that sells custom niche JavaScript t-shirts

Software Engineer at eBayNovember 2014 - April 2016 | San Jose, CA + Remote

Worked full-time developing software in support of the storage operation team.

  • Worked on a small team of three developers supporting storage operation team of about 15
  • Worked as main developer on storage insight platform, consisting of collection software (vanilla Python), API (Django), and UI (Angular)
  • Built environment-specific build tool for production deployments using Docker and Fabric
  • Modernized JavaScript development practices on the development team (build process, modularization)

Software Development Intern at Spectra LogicSummer 2013 | Boulder, CO

Worked mainly on the admin web UI written in Backbone with a Ruby on Rails backend, and the underlying Ruby worker code.

  • Adapted entire existing web UI to be responsive on mobile devices
  • Created new CLI functionality by extending existing classes
  • Wrote new classes and associated unit tests
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs in Ruby and JavaScript
  • Worked full-time in 2-week sprint cycles

Technical Co-Founder and Vice President at Fashion Feather LLC.February 2011 - September 2011 | Longmont, CO

Started an online business selling hair feathers, a hot fashion trend during the 2011 summer. This was the second website I ever made, and my first real business.

  • Facilitated over $100k in gross sales on custom PHP website with Google Checkout integration
  • Designed and optimized order fulfillment and shipping workflow
  • Managed Google AdWords account (which drove the vast majority of sales)
  • Managed company finances as Treasurer
  • Hired and managed 10 employees for order fulfillment


See more projects at scotthardy.me/projects or github.com/scott113341

yarn add shirtsNovember 2016 - Present

A website that sells custom niche JavaScript t-shirts. yarn-add-shirts.com

  • General API backend to handle billing and fulfillment
  • Frontend built with Cycle.js, hosted on GitHub Pages
  • Backend built with Express.js, hosted on Heroku

SCU•classesFebruary 2013 - Present

A class scheduling website I built for Santa Clara University students in February 2013.

  • Identified the need for a replacement for the school's class search web app
  • Performed extensive user testing during development to ensure an intuitive UI
  • Over 500,000 visits since launch
  • Over 90% of undergrads at SCU use SCU•classes
  • Built with Angular.js and Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku

SCU•booksJanuary 2013 - Present

A textbook price comparison website I built for Santa Clara University students in January 2013.

  • Was inspired/furious by how expensive textbooks were at the school bookstore
  • Worked with friends to expand to other 8 schools, leveraging the I18n gem to keep code extremely DRY and hosted on the same server
  • Optimized codebase to concurrently access price APIs (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)
  • Has been used over 22,000 times by students (all schools)
  • Built with Angular.js and Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku


Software Development

  • JavaScript frontend: React, Vanilla
  • JavaScript backend: Node.js, Express
  • Ruby: Rails, Sinatra, Sidekiq
  • Database: PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Infrastructure: Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Heroku

Laboratory Techniques

  • Microfluidics: PDMS mold and device fab, electrophoretic separation
  • Tissue engineering: U87 cell culture, trypsinization, and passaging
  • Biology: standard lab techniques
  • Chemistry: general and organic chemistry


  • Five Spanish classes in high school (scored 5 on AP Spanish exam)
  • 2-week immersion trips to Mexico and Peru
  • Two upper-division Spanish classes in college


Santa Clara UniversityClass of 2014 | Santa Clara, CA

Bachelor of Science, Bioengineering

University Honors Program

GPA: 3.368

Major GPA: 3.466

Silver Creek High SchoolClass of 2010 | Longmont, CO


Available upon request.