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Toilet Paper Holder

November 12, 2015

Matt, Ryan, and I have pretty much fully moved in to our new house in San Francisco. It's great, except for one glaring issue:

The toilet paper holder is too small for our toilet paper.


As you can see, the alcove is not large enough to accommodate a Costco-sized fresh roll and allow it to rotate.


Design and 3d print a custom holder for the roll! I spent a week or so iterating on a design, and eventually got a great solution!

The final design has these features:

  • Cantilever to shift the TP axis of rotation out from the wall 6cm, and upwards 1cm
  • Protrusions to brace the assembly so that it does not rotate downwards
  • A friction-fit mate between the left and right sides of the assembly

Final picture of the holder in action: