Jennie Lakes Backpacking TripJuly 28, 2016

Trip log from a 4-day backpacking trip in the Jennie Lakes Wilderness.

Trinity Alps Backpacking TripJuly 8, 2016

Trip log from a 4-day backpacking trip in the Canyon Creek area of Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Hessie Loop Backpacking TripJune 5, 2016

Trip log from a 3-day backpacking trip in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

SoundcastsApril 5, 2016

Made a website with Ryan and Matt that turns SoundCloud profiles into podcasts.

My Coke BotJanuary 16, 2016

Made a web service that will enter My Coke Rewards codes sent via text message.

3d Printed Custom Toilet Paper HolderNovember 12, 2015

Toilet paper holder was too small for Costco-sized rolls. Designed and printed a custom TP holder that makes it work.

The Great Car Experiment of 2015 is OverOctober 19, 2015

Living in the Subaru was great and easier than expected. eBay perks definitely helped. 10/10 would/will do again.

Living in my CarAugust 30, 2015

Starting September 1st, I'll be living out of my car. Random thoughts and rudimentary planning within.

Big Sur Backpacking TripFebruary 17, 2015

Trip log from a 4-day backpacking trip with Matt, Ryan, and Vanessa in the Big Sur area.

The Colorado TrailAugust 25, 2014

I just finished an 8-day 104-mile backpacking trip from Denver to Breckenridge on The Colorado Trail (the whole thing is 500 miles to Durango). This is my trip log.

First PostJune 22, 2014

My first blog post, mostly for testing purposes. Nature and content of blog TBD.